Wieboldt's Photos
Wieboldt Stores, Inc. was also an original owner and added a second anchor to the mall with its
187,000 square-foot, two-level store.  Wieboldt's remained a popular shopping destination until its
closure in 1986.  
Wieboldt's exterior was comprised of a series of white arches framing a light brown quartzite
facade.  The store's distinguishing characteristic was the curving canopies set above each of the
three Wieboldt's entrances.  Smaller canopies appeared on the north and west sides of the building
(right), while taller canopies were featured on the east side (left).
The Wieboldt's gazebo
complimented the entryway
canopies.  It stood on the north side
of the store and could be reached
from staircases found on either
[photo courtesy of John Gallo]
Wieboldt's exterior entrances with sign, during operation.

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