The Best Toy Buying Tips for Babies & Young Children

Are you out shopping for toys? It can be a confusing errand, especially if it is for the younger age group. Worry not, for here we have a few tips to help you make the right buying decision.

For Babies

Babies don’t understand instructions or what is good and bad for them. They are not mature enough to know what can hurt them. hence it is our responsibility to get them safe yet useful toys.

  • Get them toys without sharp edges, toys made of natural materials that won’t irritate their sensitive skin toys with a different texture to excite their sensory nerves, etc. You can find a good selection at Doodlebuckets.
  • The size of the toys must be big as babies tend to put everything into their mouth and you don’t want to give them something they can choke on.
  • Get the big things, so that they can hold. Their hands and fingers are just learning to hold things, so they cannot hold small items.
  • Get them toys with a lot of lights and sound as they are developing these senses and such toys will get their attention immediately. it would be a life savior for a mom trying to get some tantrum under control.

For Young Children

As the babies grow, they start observing and understanding things around them. get them toys that can teach them a thing or two.

  • Shape sorter puzzles are a great way to start off young children to focus on and connect things they see.
  • Picture books are a great way to teach them about various things around them. it can be about animals, plants, flowers, vehicles, etc.
  • Blocks are a great way to develop their grips and feed their creativity. Give a bag of blocks to a young child, just sit and watch what all they do with it. You will see how perseverant they can do get something in its place.