Surprising Things Wealthy People Spend Their Money On


I was surprised when I learned this!

It was a jaw drop moment for me. I was reading this report on how the wealthiest in our nation spend their money and I realized for once that I could not have been more wrong than this.

I expected to see them buying uber-luxurious stuff from standalone stores that only sellprior appointments and from stores that make bespoke products that suit them.

But what do you think I found out?

The rich and the wealthiest in the entire country have a fleet of cars that even middle class own. There were more Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, and Nissan there where I expected to find Merc, BMW, and Bentley!

Another most fascinating thing that I came across in my research is that these people shop for a majority of the FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Goods from departmental stores and hypermarkets like the Amazon, Walmart, and Target!

But that was not all that there was!

Apart from shopping at such discount and promotional stores, the rich and the affluent also did a lot of shopping at the luxury market. While this was already known, what came as a surprise again was that a survey conductedthe University of Pennsylvania also gave out a list of things that this group had a penchant for spending on.

The report said that a big majority of the earnings were spent on travel luxuriously in private jet planes and luxury cruises. The second spot was taken upspending on clothing especially bespoke business and formal suits as also spending on buying property in exotic locales around the world.

Why is this information useful?

A study in this regard was deemed useful and indeed is for the advertisers to be able to target in this section of the society and to be able to meaningfully advertise such products to them. There is a lot of eye-popping information on the results of this survey on Check out now!