Sex Swing Tips – 6 Ways to Hang A Swing

Sex swings are a lot of fun. However, a lot of people face the same issue after buying one – how to install it. And, of course, that is far from the only question they have. After all, you don’t want to have to explain why is there a huge ceiling hook in your room to your friends and family. So, let’s take a look at seven ways you can use to mount your sex swing.

1. The Ceiling Hook

The typical method is to install a ceiling hook and directly hang your swing from it. And, there is a reason why it is typical; it is the easiest and the safest method. However, it does come with that simple drawback. You will have a hook in your ceiling many would ask about. And, not only that, but your landlord might not approve you drilling holes in the ceiling. However, if you have a good ceiling in your own home, and don’t care about people knowing what you do to pass the time, it is the ideal way to hang your sex swings.

2. The Stand

The second most popular method people use to hang their sex swings is the swing stand. Stands are generally strong, don’t damage your property, and simple to hide. However, they have a size problem. Namely, you will need a lot of room for them. They can be 7 feet wide, and, thus, they might not fit in your bedroom. The other drawback is that they can be relatively expensive.

3. The Pull Up Bar

Believe it or not, you can use a simple pull up bar as a base for your sex swing. Out of the options you have, this is probably the most flexible one. You can take it with yourself anywhere you go and mount it in a hotel room. It is super easy to use and is quite effective. However, just like all the other methods, it has several flaws. Namely, you can only use sex swings with dual hooks. And not only that, but the pull up bar has its own weight limitation as well. And, lastly, you can’t mount it as high as you would with other methods.

4. Door to Door

Another method you could try to use if you have a dual hook sex swing is the door to door mount. And it is rather simple to use. You find a hallway with opposing doors and mount the swing between the doors. The width of the hallway allows for maximum comfort with dual hook swings.

5. Wall to Wall

This method works pretty much the same way the previous one does. The main difference is that you set up the hooks to hold your sex swing on opposing walls. And, this time around, you can easily hide the hookshanging pictures on them.

6. Beam Mount

If you have an exposed beam in your room, this is probably the most convenient option of them all. In essence, a beam mount is just a strap that you hang over a beam to hang your swing. This strap is really small and easy to carry around.

Of course, these are not all the ways you can mount your sex swings. So, feel free to experiment and find new methods for yourself if you want. Find our how you can liberate yourself with a Sex Swing at Come swing with me