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02 Nov 2006
Grew up in Waukegan, IL

It makes me really sad to look at the pictures of the mall when it was empty. During the final days of the mall being open, I
remember thinking how it's gone downhill and not once did I think of how it's closing would impact me. It's almost as if someone
has died! I grew up going to that mall practically every single weekend. My Dad would take me and my brothers (Rob & Mark)
there and we'd go to Aladdins Castle to play video games and then I'd get nachos from Eggroll and sit on the bench with my
Dad. I had forgotten about alot of the stores in that mall until I started reading some of the entries......PLUM TREE, holy cow, I
remember going in there all the time and looking at this rotating shelf inside a glass case. And the teeshirt place. I never had a
chance to eat at Slicers, I always thought it was for grown ups and hated walking towards it because people would be sitting
rigth there people watching all the time. Remember that huge swiss army knife at th! at knife store next to Italian Way? And there
was a store across from Casual Corner that didn't have windows where the mannequins stood, I can't remember the name of
that store but I think it was by Circus World. I loved that store, I remember the carpet in there and everything!! And Spencers, it
seemed like such an adult store, like I wasn't supposed to be in there and they had that one area that you had to be like, 18 to
go beyond that part of the store, Jokers Wild, B Dalton, and Just Pants!! I think there was a store where someone was always
playing the organ, it later turned into Lens Crafters. Noah's Ark, Bakers (shoes), oh and there was a store tucked away in a
corner that sold karate uniforms and nija outfits, authentic stuff - even chinese throwing stars!! What great memories....especially
Christmas time. It never seemed like a pain or hassle to go there, it was always fun during the holidays even when it was
packed. I'm glad to have this website, it really! brings me back in time. Then outside of the mall there was Mr. Steak , Cervantes,
Child World, the cinema...I will always miss this place, it holds a very special place in my heart and I am grateful to have so many
child hood memories growing up w/such a cool mall....

02 Nov 2006
Mequon, WI

Just had another memory flash...Carsons used to have these spectacular sales two times a year in a large, unfurbished storage
area. My recollection is that you had to take the elevator up to the third floor (however, now I'm wondering if there even was a
third floor?)

Anyway, they would have these HUGE semi-annual sales in a big warehouse-like room during the 80's, usually early on a
Saturday and Sunday. I remember going bonkers at these sales because there was so much great stuff!

Of all the stores at Lakehurst, I still miss Carsons the most -- it had everything: clothes, purses, shoes, furniture, kitchen supplies,
linens, perfume, and even greeting cards. I could get lost in that store for hours just roaming from department to department.

20 Nov 2006
Beach Park, IL

It was so sad to see Lakehurst go. Anyone who lived in Lake county has memories of that mall.

I was the "pump" girl from Conn Music center upstairs by J.C.Penny. I also taught the childrens and adult piano classes when
you purchased a piano. I have such fond memories of that store and mall! From the employees, to the customers and all the
friends that were made there.

Great web page, and a nice trip down memory lane. Thanks!

29 Nov 2006
Waukegan, IL

I remember being held up at gunpoint while managing the software store. Lakehurst was a decent mall, but it had its problems.

30 Nov 2006
Gurnee, IL

My brother and I have many fond memories of going to Lakehurst with our parents. We especially remember when, after a long
day of shopping (often for something like school clothes or other things that kids don't like shopping for), our Mom would give
each of us a couple of bucks to go play some arcade games in Aladdin's Castle or Cyber Station (I remember the line of people
waiting to play Mortal Kombat 2 at Cyber Station when that came out!) while she'd go order some gyros for us at Athen's. I
remember the sailors used to be really good at the fighting games, especially. If I was old enough, I would've loved to work at
one of the arcades as a first job. I also remember when my brother and I would go with our Grandpa to Montgomery Ward just to
shop around. Thanks for the memories, Lakehurst!

01 Dec 2006
Missouri.  Formally Round Lake.

My very first mall. Great memories, my Mom and I went there just a few times, time with her, awesome! Friends, early years with
parents and friends, then going with friends, then getting married and meeting up with old friends. My daughter getting her first
professional pictures there, three days later her ears got pierced there, timing huh! Mom used to love these candies from maybe
JC Penny's, if I'm remembering, they were like these white candy coated hazel nuts hard on the out side, and pastel colred
(Easter looking type) almonds also hard shell coating, she love them, and there was no other place that we found to get them for
her. Also Hickery Farms we all loved it there, as kids we'd get these booze candies, we thought we had something there as a
kid. There use to be a restaurant beside there called Goldenbear that I worked at, on movie night it would be swamped with
teenagers and their dates getting desserts with their coupon from the movies somehow attached ! to the ticket, or they just
handed it out there after the movie, they had a blast! It saddens me that now when we come home for a visit, our grand son and
grandduahter will never have any of that there, no, this is where your "Oma and I sat looking at Christmas decorations together".
Thank you for a place to talk about those wonderful memories!

01 Dec 2006
North Carolina

I had no idea that Lakehurst was gone! My ex-husband just called and asked me what the name of the mall was that we met at
and I googled it for him. What a shock! I remember hanging out at the mall as a teenager, and working there at the id and
Foxmoor and Claire's. I think one of the best things about the mall were the sailors <wink>, but I used to love shopping there.

When I went home for my mother's funeral in 1998, I had heard that the mall was pretty much dead, but I had no idea that it was
going to end up being demolished. How sad. But thank you so much for this site! Brought back a lot of memories!

01 Dec 2006
Lake County, IL

I remember Orange Julius (& now there is one at Hawthorn Mall)and the Top Shop (t-shirts with applications of almost
everything). I also remember in 1984 when "Cliff" and "Hilary" from the tv soap opera "All My Children" visited the mall.

08 Dec 2006
Waukegan, IL

My fondest Lakehurst memories have to be eating at Athens Gyros (the best), getting an Orange Julius, a Cinnabon (Lakehurst
was the first to have them around here), heading over to The Gift Tree to look at life size Samantha Fox posters (nude), seeing
all the coolest toys "locked" up at Circus World and finally heading over to JR's Music Shop to play with the pianos and
keyboards. Oh yeah, how could I forget?! Seeing Return of the Jedi at Lakehurst Cinema. R.I.P. Lakehurst, this guy will miss you.
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