How to Find Safe Beauty and Cosmetics Products in a Toxic World

With a number of products entering the market on a daily basis, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the right ones for your skin. Apart from the brand and quality, today we also need to check on the toxic content of these products. Manufacturers have been adding chemicals to enhance their products and fool the customers. This lasted for a while but as customers became aware of such acts, they have been careful in choosing things that are good for their skin in the long run.

So if you want to buy cosmetic products without toxins in them, how will you go about it? There are many beauty and skincare sites that will tell you how to choose the right product for you, but here is a list to help you choose safe products:

  • Check Ingredients – The basic step here is to turn the product and check the ingredients at the back. Though one may not be able to make full sense of everything printed there, when you read upon toxic chemicals, you are bound to come across names you need to avoid. Check for those ingredients in the product in hand and ensure it is free of or at least has very little of those ingredients.
  • Patch Test – Do a patch test before you buy something new for your skin. If you are still not sure, ask for a sample or buy the smallest pack available and try it out. It is always better to test a product before you buy it.
  • Dates – Pay attention to the dates printed. Many stores have the habit of sticking their price tags or other store stickers on the dates so that you won’t see them. Some even go to the extent of printing out new dates’ stickers and sticking on the original dates printed. Don’t hesitate to ask the store in charge to peel off the sticker to reveal the actual dates for you.