AuthorMilton Newman

10 Easy Upgrades for a Healthier Home

It is time for all earthlings to shoulder the responsibility of leaving a habitable planet for the future generations. It is time for everyone put in a little extra effort and reduce individual carbon footprint and rely more on sustainable energy sources and adopt healthier habits. The onus is on us to slow down the phenomenon called global warmingopting for healthier upgrades around the house; you will find all you need at ClimateCounts

We have listed 10 upgrades to your home that will not only help the environment but will also ensure you are healthier and less susceptible to illness.

  1. Invest in a good quality water filter because of the greater incidence of water-borne diseases since almost all water pipes are contaminated with bacteria, protozoa, and other viruses. A whole house water filter will ensure that water from your showerhead is also free from chlorine and other debris.
  2. Maintain and clean air conditioners, cooking range and other electronics to improve their efficiency.
  3. Invest in sunlight blocking curtains in summer to keep your house cool and reduce the usage of air conditioners.
  4. Compact fluorescent lamps will bring down your electricity bills and they last longer than your incandescent bulbs too.
  5. Daylight sensors and dimmers save energy and money.
  6. Upgrade all water fixtures to more energy efficient models like a dishwasher which stores water from the previous cycle for pre-rinse. This reduces your water consumptionalmost 33%.
  7. Change your porch and yard lights to solar lighting
  8. Invest in temperature control sheets which will absorb the excess heat your body releases to keep you cool and similarly warm you on a cold night. This upgrade is portable too.
  9. Glazing your windows is a cost-effective way of upgrading your house.
  10. Finally, it might not be possible to revamp your entire home but you can give it a fresh coat of paint which will not only enhance the looks but will also be protective in function.