7 Worrying Things about Online Shopping

If you are addicted to shopping online, be it buying the stocks you have been monitoring for a month through stochastic oscillator strategy or frequenting amazon for your favorite books, clothes or electronics, there are some darker aspects of online shopping that do not get talked about that often. Here are some things that should worry you about shopping online.

  • You don’t own your stuff: If you are buying eBooks in Kindle or music in iTunes, what you are doing is actually buying a license for using it instead of the original product. This means when you choose to close your account or lose your credentials, you lose all your buys, and the money you spent.
  • That money back guarantee is probably fake: What can be more lucrative than money back guarantee? Online stores like eBay sets great precedent in the offers it showcases. The only problem is that a lot of the items that have the ‘eBay Money Back Guarantee’ sign beside it does not actually cover it. At one time, there are 800 million listings on eBay listedeBay members. So do not rely on the logo and buy something outwardly expensive without verifying with eBay first.
  • Don’t trust social media blindly: Nowadays all major retailers have their social media handles that are much more responsive than phones or emails. This means the accounts are immensely popular, which scammers use to duplicate their presence and send solicitous messages. Before you respond to these, ensure you are contacting the brand itself.
  • Backchannel deals: Some online sellers prefer doing business through backchannels, which means you save money on the item and they save on the commission. But here’s the catch, that extra hundred dollar also robs you of consumer protection.