7 Expert Tips for Buying a Toilet

When it comes to finding the best toilet for your home doing all the research you can help you fetch the best value for your money. There are plenty of options out there. Visit ToiletSquad.com for ideas on the most popular toilets out there. Here are the tips from the experts to help you pick one that would actually suit your home.

  1. Sitting height is something that you should choose based on the people who will be using it. Choosing a comfortable height is much better than going for tall ones.
  2. The type of flushing mechanism used is another major factor to consider. Look for those that come with a significantly large flush valve and a proper trapping arrangement to prevent objects from clogging the drain pipes. Pressure-assisted flushing and gravity based flushing is the most commonly used flushing mechanisms.
  3. The efficiency of the toilet depends on the usage of the water for every flush cycle. High-efficiency models are those which use less water than the standard toilet designs.
  4. Make sure that you invest in a toilet that comes with standard fittings. Eventually, even in the most durable toilets, you might have to change one or more parts and fancy toilets whose parts are nearly impossible to find would be difficult to maintain in the long run.
  5. Make sure you choose the right sized toilet. In fact, the lengthy toilets might look sleek but they might end up taking more space in your bathroom.
  6. One piece, as well as two-piece toilets, has their pros and cons. The latter is easier to install and when there are plumbing repairs this one can be tackled easily. The one-piece toilets look neat and take up less space.
  7. There are economic options like the dual flush where different levels of flush could be used. This is a good way to save water.