MonthSeptember 2018

How Consumers Shop on Mobiles in 2018

Shoppers today are spoilt with a plethora of choices that are made available to them; there is so much traffic over the internet, e-commerce industry is becoming the most sought-after industry. With profit numbers soaring high, that is taking the psychology of an average individual to spend more time on the reviews of products online and think about purchasing them. The most sought-after product search is mobile phones that have more than 80 percent of the most viewed and subsequently sold category.

The impulsive shoppers who would just buy anything around have, rebound to view their top mobile phone picks from different websites, compare the prices and go for the best offers. Well imagine going to a phone center and not knowing what to buy, or listening to what the marketing folks say, one can end up buying something that does not meet their purpose of a phone. Planned approach of

  • first going through the youtube vues for the complete details of the phone you always wanted to buy
  • deciding on the individual’s requirement, whether it will be for personal or official use
  • the budget that you are allocating for the phone
  • technical details about the phone, the storage capacity, camera resolution, and other add-on features

Most of them want to grab the opportunity to take part either in the brand promotion, avail the huge discounts offered, using the digital wallets, orusing card payments, with cash back benefits. In-store purchases too have their own set of advantages, with so many products that are having a very minute difference, it is difficult to choose online, moreover in the store do offer brand promotions, offers during the holiday season, to cater to the set of buyers who are looking for the newer and best phones.…